Mi TV 3s 65″

Mi TV 3s 65

Smart TV with deep learning AI system,
comes with 5 major upgrades

Our all-new Mi TV is set for more breakthroughs. It now comes 4K display embedded with HDR technology, 360° surround sound speakers so you can turn your living room into a movie theatre. You can even upgrade to 64-bit processor for a smoother video experience.

It also comes with PatchWall, a deep learning AI TV system that understands preferences and intelligently classifies content, so you get highly personalized content each time you switch on your TV. Enjoy endless fun and entertainment of many of such content upgrades with our new Mi TV 3s 65″.

Surround sound theatre
Your private home symphony

When you tune in to music, it sounds almost like you have the singers and musicians by your side. When you watch TV shows, the full immersive experience makes you feel almost like you’re the main character within the show. When you play games, you’re able to sound out the exact location of the enemy. All these immersive experience comes from the 7-unit sound system, making you feel like you’ve almost brought an entire private orchestra home.